Amethyst and Labradorite for Insight, Wisdom, and Patience

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Labradorite helps us be present in the moment. It instills a deep sense of peace, relieving apprehension and insecurity while boosting our faith in ourselves. It fosters patience, illuminating opportunities and letting us know when the time is right to move forward.

The colorful flashes of light in this stone (a quality called labradorescence) remind us that we are all beings of light. It assures us that our inner light is always there and demonstrates how different angles or points of view aid in discovery.

Amethyst is a stone of complete metamorphosis and contentment. It encourages us to be flexible and to make sound decisions. Amethyst also helps us accept and utilize new ideas and new ways of thinking. This stone opens and activates the crown chakra to facilitate communication with higher realms and receive universal wisdom.

Used together, these stones deeply enhance our insight. Using patience and wisdom, we can make solid decisions and take action when the time is right. We can see that we are all connected to universal wisdom and that when we walk in the path of light, divine guidance is right there with us.

Mini labradorite hearts are flat on back and front, approximately 1.25" across and approximately 3/16" thick. Small amaethyst roots are about 2.5" long.