Red Rutilated Quartz

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Are you looking for strength in healing? Endurance in a difficult situation? Red Rutilated Quartz may be the crystal for you.

Red Rutile, sometimes called angel hair, facilitates communications with angelic beings and realms. It promotes tranquility, and leads us to divine guidance for healing and comfort. As the Master Healer, Quartz possesses the healing properties of all other stones combined and amplifies the qualities of minerals it is paired with.

Rutile is titanium oxide, known not only for its strength, but also for its ability to endure harsh environments without degrading. From the crystal healing perspective, Rutile facilitates strength with love, helps soothe life transitions, and gives us strength in times of turbulance.

Rutilated quartz dispels unwanted influences from both the physical and spiritual realms. If you have unwanted or residual spiritual activity in your home, try adding rutilated quartz to your cleansing ritual.